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The IBP Boost Camp 2023

Strengthen your knowledge and get inspired by joining the Involvation IBP Boost Camp 2023. The training offers a mix of case studies, theory, mutual sparring over practical insights and a number of rounds of “The Cool Connection”, the ultimate IBP Game. This ensures a very steep learning curve.

Make better decisions with IBP, experience the power of Integrated Business Planning!

Date: April 17th - 24th, 2023

The IBP Boost Camp is especially interesting when: You are actively involved in S&OP/IBP and willing to drive the next step? You are working in sales, finance, procurement, operations or supply chain?

Resilience Hands-On 2022 - Inchainge 

The 3 week-long program will let you experience the opportunities and challenges of a resilient value chain with the help of the most established supply chain business game: The Fresh Connection.   

As expert track partner Involvation will host inspiring deep-diving discussions and showcases to provide powerful insights to achieve a resilient business model, highlighting the differences with the traditional risk management model.  

Are you interested? You can learn more and save your spot by registering on our website.  

Dates: October 13th – November 3th 2022

Time: Thursdays 15.00 - 17.00

Where: Online