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A leader’s guide to value chain resilience

This whitepaper provides insights to help you make your supply chain – and therefore your company – resilient enough to deal with the next inevitable disruption in today’s VUCA world. In fact, resilience can help you emerge from the next crisis stronger than before! 


sales-operation-planning-mindmap-2.0-510 x 280

Mindmap voor Sales & Operations Planning 2.0

As a result of increasing volatility in demand many companies are busy implementing Sales & Operations Planning. They try to get beyond balancing forecasted demand and manufacturing volumes and incorporate financial budgets and business scenarios.

This mindmap gives you a practical overview of all the aspects to consider for improving S&OP.


Roadmap for Continuous learning in Supply Chain

Continuous learning makes companies smarter, more agile and more future-proof. Are you keen to make serious work of continuous learning within your supply chain organization? If so, the Roadmap for Continuous Learning in Supply Chain is an excellent starting point. Curious to know more? Download the roadmap now. 

Whitepaper corona automotive

Fasten your seatbelt!

t’s a challenging time in the Automotive industry; demand & supply shocks create big disturbances in the Automotive supply chain. Involvation developed a proven and pragmatic approach to manage upcoming volatilities in.

In this paper we share our vision of how organizations in the complex automotive supply chain can deal with the current crisis.


Mindmap for Value Chain Resilience

Since the COVID-19 crisis, companies have had to manage a large degree of uncertainty in both supply and demand. Those who are fast and agile enough to capitalize on disruptive developments can turn that uncertainty into competitive advantage. But to do so, you need a resilient value chain – so how can you create that within your company? To help you, we have developed a mindmap in conjunction with Supply Chain Media.