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Are you keen to get more out of S&OP? An S&OP Assessment gives you clarity on your S&OP performance, potential improvements and the subsequent steps.

Why should you arrange an S&OP Assessment?

  • You want to gain visibility into the maturity of your current S&OP process and benchmark yourself against other organizations and best practices.
  • You are looking for objective insight into the buy-in and competencies of the people who are executing S&OP. Does everyone see the added value and are they also capable of continuously realizing that value?
  • You want to know where there is room for value-adding improvements. What needs to be improved in order to make the S&OP process even more efficient and effective?
  • You want to know where to start. Where are the ‘quick wins’ and where are the longer-term gains?

3-step approach

3-step approach S OP assessment

As the first step, we hold an intake meeting with you to discuss the scope, set-up and planning. This is followed by interviews with the key stakeholders and analysis of the documents and dashboards used. We also observe one complete cycle of your S&OP process. This forms the basis for thorough analysis and an improvement plan. The third and final step is a feedback session in which we present the findings and discuss our conclusions with you.

What are the benefits of an S&OP Assessment?

  • An independent evaluation of the current maturity and effectiveness of your S&OP process
  • An objective opinion on the buy-in and relevant competencies of the people who execute S&OP
  • An overview of potential improvements in the short and longer term
  • A step-by-step plan for implementing those improvements

More information

Arrange an assessment by our S&OP experts to gain a clear view of your S&OP process plus an improvement plan.

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C&U assessment as part of the S&OP Assessment

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