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Register for Involvation’s webinar about Learning & Development in the value chain 

Create impact with Supply Chain training!

Ensuring effective transfer of learning to your organisation

Create impact!  

Developing value chain competences with training programs is more important than ever. The complexity of value chains and the number of global disruptions have strongly increased. For these reasons, it is key to invest in your people and their professional development. This at the same time also allows you to attract new talent and to retain the right people.

The importance of investing in people is not new and has since long been recognized. But it often proves difficult to determine how to structure value chain competence development, where to start this journey, how to sustain it and how to secure that business impact will occur.

During this webinar we will discuss these topics in more depth and discuss amongst others: 

  • Methods to secure transfer of the learning into the organisation; 
  • Required conditions to create impact on the organization's value chain and financial performance; 
  • best-practice cases of successful programs and their impact; 
  • Concrete steps and actions for you to create a culture of continuous learning & improvement within your organization. 

This is what you can expect 

During the webinar we will present the framework of transfer effectiveness. We will provide concrete examples and we will take you through various best-practice cases. With this: 

  • You are able to establish your supply chain competence development program based on a proven methodology; 
  • You can create impact on your organisation’s value chain and financial performance; 
  • You can create a culture of continuous learning & improvement in your organization 
  • You can attract talent and retain the right people. 

Reserve your seat in this webinar! 

Senior supply chain professionals and HR / L&D business partners can attend this webinar free of charge.  

More information or questions? 

Contact Stefan Hoogervorst via s.hoogervorst@involvation.com  

Practical Information

Date and timing: 

  • Thursday April 25; 4pm to 5pm (CEST time) 

Location: Teams session (invitation and link will be sent after registration)

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